Why CellCept

CellCept® (mycophenolate mofetil) is a prescription medicine for people who have had a kidney, heart, or liver transplant. CellCept can help prevent rejection of the transplanted organ. After the transplant, you may take several of these anti-rejection medicines to keep your immune system from rejecting the transplant.

CellCept has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in children and adults who have had a kidney transplant. It is not known if CellCept works or is safe in children who have had a heart or liver transplant.

CellCept is available in multiple forms for adults and children who have had a transplant.

Not actual size and may not represent exact color. CellCept is also available in an intravenous form for use in hospitals.

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If you've been prescribed brand-name CellCept, you may be able to pay as little as $15 per monthly co-pay.

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