Patient Assistance Options

When you’re prescribed brand-name CellCept, you may be eligible for financial assistance. Review the options on this page to see which program is right for you.

CellCept® $15 Co-pay Card program

If you have commercial insurance and you have been prescribed brand-name CellCept, you may be eligible to pay $15 per monthly co-pay with the CellCept® Co-pay Card.

If you have commercial insurance, you could: • Pay $15 per co-pay • Regardless of your income level • Save up to $5,000 per year

Please see terms and conditions for complete eligibility requirements.

Not eligible for the co-pay card program?

Even if you don't qualify for the co-pay card program, please contact Genentech® Transplant Access Services (GTAS). GTAS can help connect qualified patients with assistance options to help them get the medicine they need.*

To find out more about the patient assistance options available, call 1-888-754-7651, 9:00 am to 7:00 pm ET (Mon-Fri).

You can start by completing the enrollment form to see if you are eligible for the CellCept® Co-pay Card program.

*The completion and submission of coverage- or reimbursement-related documentation are the responsibility of the patient and healthcare provider. Genentech makes no representation or guarantee concerning coverage or reimbursement for any service or item.

Already have a co-pay card?

If you already have a co-pay card, you need to activate it first. Activate your card

Every 12 months, you need to renew your card. This verifies that you are still eligible. Renew