No, I don't think I am receiving branded CellCept

If you have been prescribed branded CellCept, sometimes the pharmacy may supply an alternative product (a generic version) for your branded medicine. If your doctor does not want your CellCept prescription to be substituted with a generic medicine, it is important that you make sure you receive the branded medicine that your doctor has prescribed.

Ways you can make sure that you are receiving the
branded medicine that your doctor has prescribed:

Talk to your doctor

Check your prescription with your doctor. He or she will be able to tell you which medicines you should be taking and whether your prescription has been substituted unknowingly.

Talk to your pharmacist

Let your pharmacist know if your doctor does not want your CellCept prescription to be substituted with a generic version. Encourage your pharmacist to call your doctor if there are any questions.

Check your medicine before you leave the pharmacy

Check for the following
characteristics every time
you collect your prescription
or refill to make sure you
have been given CellCept
as prescribed by your doctor.

Not actual size and may not represent exact color.

  • 250 mg, blue-brown, 2-piece, hard
    gelatin capsules
  • Printed in black with “CellCept 250” on the blue cap and “Roche” on the brown body
  • 500 mg, lavender-colored, caplet-shaped, film-coated tablets
  • Printed in black with “CellCept 500” on one side and “Roche” on the other side
  • White to off-white,
    mixed-fruit-flavor suspension
  • Supplied in a 225 mL bottle with
    bottle adaptor and 2 oral dispensers

Know your state prescription law

Each state has different requirements for
how a prescription must be written to avoid generic substitution and ensure that you receive the medicine you have been prescribed.

Know your health insurance

Your health insurance company may require a prior authorization for you to receive CellCept when a generic version is available. Check with your transplant team to determine if one is needed for you.

If you have difficulties accessing branded CellCept, Genentech offers
programs and services that can help eligible patients connect to CellCept.

Financial support

Learn more about how you may be able to benefit from financial support.